We Make Your Video!

Video is everywhere. On your TV, laptop, tablet, smartphone and even in bus shelters, stories are told with moving images.
It is also the decade of Youtube. Everyone records everything.
Video has also become easier than ever before, with almost every gadget a video camera is built into.

We distinguish ourselves because stories are in our blood. We know, which means we should or should not use and go just a step further. Tell us your story and let’s connect with people. We give your audience a reason to keep watching when you tell your story.

Because we work in different disciplines in different angles, from corporate to public broadcasting and have a fantastic network of  professionals, we are available for you in all areas.

Corporate Visual Communication and Cameraad.TV working together and are a strong enthusiastic professional team. 


Let’s drink a cup of coffee and we would love to hear about your ideas.

Challenge us, we like to do that ourselves!


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