Event & Congress Photography with the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology

At Corporate Visual Communication we are a team of experienced, professional photographers and video professionals like Studio Stanley  that understand that photographs and video create a valuable record of the investment in your event & congress. And when we combine forces, it ensures the succes of your event.

With Corporate Visual Communication as a Photo and video professional at your event & congress, your audience will experience after your event pictures and an after movie of high representative quality . 

Each client and project has its own individual requirements, however, Corporate Visual Communication places consistent emphasis on capturing the exact atmosphere, social engagement and interactions, partner branding, and the overall energy of events.

We take the time to understand the schedule, to identify key players and to locate the right angles, to ensure that all crucial moments are captured and thus capturing the entire story the moment it’s told.

At the end of your event & congress , our post-production ensures that we deliver the highest-quality images in a timely manner.

The photos are royalty-free and can therefore be used durably for various media.


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