We are Corporate Visual Communication. We believe in empowering an image. Our strength is creativity and of course enthusiasm, in many different ways.
Always in line with the purpose and your message.

Do you want to elevate your visuals from nice-to-have to an essential part of your (employee) communication program?

Corporate Visual Communication helps departments with their visual communication and with creating their presence in the digital world. Together we can empower your brand.

Photography & Video are a powerful way to create interest, emotion and to convey information without words. We can help you determine how to use photography and video to express a concept or process, and how to source existing art.

Managing director and visual expert Riechelle van der Valk, from the leading agency Corporate Visual Communication, brings twenty years of corporate visual experience to the table. In 2017 she finished her MasterClass from the RollingStone magazine and Vanity Fair Photographer ANNIE LEIBOVITZ. Riechelle and her team capture all the best moments of your event or your hotel, and have the ability to put people at ease which creates natural portraits or an interview in every session. They market your goods in a broader sense, whether online or in print.

The benefits:

Riechelle: “Our team includes professional photographers, online communication specialists, make-up artists, film/videographers, drone pilots and retouchers. A shoot can be done at your office or our studio”. 

We are based in Amsterdam and frequently travel to international assignments. We can also include photographs in your presentations, or during your event in real time, an event app or online gallery. We provide royalty-free material”.

Cameraad is one of our high professional partners when you need excellent quality films. They distinguish themselves by telling stories. It’s in their blood, as we say. They know what resources they have to deploy.
Because they work in different disciplines, from corporate to public broadcasting, they have a great network of young enthousiastic driven professionals. They are committed to you in all areas.

Another partner: 360Fabriek Virtual Reality is a golden sales tool. It is truly a unique experience and a great way to tell stories. It can be used to reach very selectively or even masses of people. The latest techniques make it possible to create a unique experience. 360 ° digital media is an unrivaled way to convey a message, brand or feeling. 360Fabriek ensures the creation and integration of Virtual Reality content. Stand alone, as a portfolio or completely integrated in your crosschannel marketing.

For drone film & photography: Woningperspectiefbrings your property to live. We believe in the power of the first impression. We create the best visual real estate presentations for companies and consumers.

Our service-oriented approach, abilities as a strong communicator, and focus on quality and creative aesthetic, allows us to understand the specific needs you have, while providing outstanding service and deliverables that exceed your expectations. Our signature is the recognizable style of visualization.

Brands like Ahold-Delhaize, Geant, BFresh, KLM, Albert Heijn, Gall&Gall, Nyenrode University, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, InterContinental Amstel Hotel, Westcord hotels, Aeon Plaza hotels, Etos, Naspers, Relx, IIR, Informa, Deloitte and Voiceworks have all worked, and still, with Corporate Visual Communication using visually strong material that we have produced.

Get more out of your business by using photography, film, drone and other visual communication the right way. Make photography & film an essential part of your internal- and external communications program. We won’t forget…We tell your story.

Please let us know if we can help you with your Corporate Visual Communication.

 Your ambition is our challenge!

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